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The Basic Requirements Of Rock And Mineral Core

- Aug 30, 2017 -

1. The rate of rock mineral core adoption

The ratio of core-rock core length to actual drilling footage is the core-taking rate of ore cores. For rock and Mineral heart General requirements: core is not less than 65% cores, ore core is not less than 75%, if not, should be complementary.

2, Integrity

It is required to keep the original structure and the original grade in order to classify the ore type, to observe the primary structure and symbiotic relationship of the mineral, and to avoid the artificial fragmentation, reversal and disturbance as far as possible.

3, Purity

The ore core is not subject to the leaching, pollution and infiltration of the external material, so as to avoid affecting the grade, grade and physical properties of the ores. If the coal heart mixed with clay will make the sample ash increase, talc mixed with mud will improve the content of silica and so on.

4. Avoid selective wear

The selective wear and tear of the ore core will make the internal material composition change, resulting in the mineral artificially depleted and enriched, distorting the original grade and grade.

5. Accurate location of coring

In order to obtain accurate burial depth, thickness and yield of rock seam, it is required to take the position of rock core to accurately calculate mineral reserves and determine its geologic structure.

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