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Safety Precautions For Construction Of Brick Machine

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Mechanical equipment is often the most unexpected factor, a variety of wrong operation methods may lead to unexpected occurrence, therefore, in order to avoid accidents, the correct operation method and the attention of the operation process is essential.

First, the electric power is the main power source of the mechanical equipment, the safety of the circuit is very important, so we need to check whether the circuit has hidden trouble.

Second, the start of the brick machine should be in accordance with the starting sequence, to avoid overload phenomenon damage components.

Third, brick machine start-up, in the production process if there is abnormal phenomenon, should immediately stop the check.

IV. Check whether the safety equipment of the equipment is perfect, and the arrangement of safety facilities can effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Brick machine Construction These four requirements are to remind you to be cautious and safe in your work.

Security is very important, may inadvertently in a moment will regret life.

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