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Points For Attention In Piling Machine Operation

- Aug 30, 2017 -

1, the piling machine operation, must have the person to command. The conductor and the operator shall check each other's signal before the operation. Work should be close to cooperation.

2. At the beginning, make the bell or other method to announce the signal and tell the people around them to disengage.

3, piling machine and pile cap, pile cap and Tang (or pile) plane to pad flat, joint bolts should be tightened, and should often see if there is loosening.

4, the start of the piling machine should be accelerated from the low-speed gear to high-speed.

5. The piling machine should be close to the indication of current and voltage on the control panel in operation. If you find abnormal sound or other unusual condition, you should immediately stop to view.

6, often see the bearing temperature and bearing cover screws can loosen the appearance, to look at the side of the pain iron joint screws have no loose, to avoid attack incidents.

7, when sinking, the pipe column (or pile) around prohibit the station person.

8, the piling machine cooperation shooting water, suction mud sinking, should be in advance contact with the relevant personnel, and in the operation of mutual care.

9. When connecting the long string or pile and the pile cap, the operator is required to wear the seat belt.

10, during the sinking process, the maintenance and maintenance of machinery is prohibited.

11, after the piling machine stop operation, the power should be intercepted immediately, and the piling machine and motor to view and maintain.

12, piling captain time to stop use, should be kept in storage, motor to do a good job moistureproof maintenance, the appearance of the control Panel, should be removed for safekeeping.

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