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Methods Of Avoiding Noise From Four-drive Piling Machines

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Four-drive piling machine in the construction of the noise can not be avoided, but it is a slight normal mechanical noise, but if the piling machine in the piling process, there is a lot of noise, it will cause attention, so that the piling machine and vibration equipment caused a lot of damage.

There are several ways to avoid excessive noise caused by the four-drive piling machine.

1. Check the piling machine anchor bolts are fastened, the periodic check appears loose to tighten up in time to prevent the construction process because the bolts loose produced too much noise;

2. Check the protective cover of the four driving pile, and look around the phenomenon of no collision shield;

3. Check the bearing to avoid the noise caused by the lack of oil or damage, timely oil injection, timely replacement of damaged bearings.

Any construction site is very noisy, four-drive piling machine is only a small part, in fact, the operator of the machine as long as the correct operation methods and skills, will be the noise control within a reasonable range.

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