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How To Choose The High Pressure Air Compressor(B)

- Aug 30, 2017 -

3, choose to "need stereotypes"

Combined with the needs of customers, to find the best operating economy, the future expansion of the size of the need to make a lot of decision-making. The basis of the decision-making is the use of compressed air or using flow, focusing on the calculation of air demand, reserves and the scope of future expansion, and pressure is a determinant of energy consumption has a great impact on different pressures

The range with different compressors can sometimes be economical.

4. Determination of quantity and specification of compressors

According to the required degree of flexibility + control system + Energy efficiency

(1), choose a large machine or choose more than one small machine?

The cost of downtime in production, the utilization of electricity, the change of load (load), the cost of compressed air system, and the space available for building. Because of the cost, a device to supply all the air with only one compressor, then this system can prepare a mobile compressor fast interface for the use of the phase, you can use an old air compressor as an inexpensive back-up power to provide a reserve gas source.

(2) Stability (always a very important issue);

(3) Energy expenditure

① pipeline leakage;

② use of gas demand every moment of constant fluctuations (this is the most easily overlooked, but also the most serious)

③ Single Machine output efficiency (select the best range of output efficiency models)

(4) The generalization of spare parts

The combination of multiple 110KW models may be 40-160m3/min, with the best choice of gas range.

(5), Operation analysis

Should be observed within one weeks, the measurement of energy recovery has more than 90% recovery. Working pressure in a certain period of time, the frequent descent control system can be modified by reference to the change of production, improve the use of air compressor another factor to check whether the leak.

Pay attention to the ratio of energy consumption, in order to save electricity: actual exhaust/real consumption of motor power, the greater the value of electricity.

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