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How To Choose The High Pressure Air Compressor (A)

- Aug 30, 2017 -

1. Calculation of working pressure

Compressed air equipment to determine the necessary work pressure depends on the compressor, equipment, pipelines, the highest working pressure to determine the necessary device pressure, while the gas consumption location with the pressure reducing valve to meet the needs of equipment, in extreme cases, with a separate air compressor is not economical.

Working pressure: End-user + end-stage filtration + pipe system + Dust filter + dryer + compressor adjustment amplitude pressure higher, power consumption, the size and length of the pipe should be taken into account the pressure drop. List various machines

The use of pressure, such as the use of too much pressure difference, the need to purchase different pressure air compressor, not to reduce pressure

Use to increase expenses.

2, air emissions calculation

Compressed air is to convert electrical energy to air potential energy, and with the help of compressed air expansion of the external work done a clean power, but it is also very large consumption of electricity. Generally, the 1m3 air is compressed to 0.7MPa consumes about 7kW of electricity. According to statistics, the energy consumption of air compressor stations accounted for about 20% of the total energy consumption of the entire enterprise. This means that the reduction of compressed air and reasonable use of compressed air will bring you new profit margins!

Air requirements: will all tools + machine equipment + related process air consumption + leakage + wear + future gas + use coefficient (using the standard value 20%)

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