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Drilling And Mining Of Wells

- Aug 30, 2017 -

A, Wells well drilling price

The influence of drilling and production price in deep well is mainly divided into the following characteristics

1. Geo-geological reasons

The construction price of the deep water well is related to the geological relationship and the demand of the drilling area. All the local clay and sandy soil, drilling easy, large water, a deep well a day can be completed, drilling a deep well price is very cheap.

2. Size and specification of deep wells

Different geological wells cost a large difference, the size of the deep wells are also affecting the most loyal price of deep water wells, conventional small deep wells drilled the depth of 80-150 meters, such as water demand is larger, it needs deeper wells. such as depth in 300 meters of wells, the need for kilometers of drilling rigs, construction cycle longer, conventional in 3 months, the cost of natural will rise.

3, the price of drilling wells to local conditions, different areas, different specifications of the water well price difference is greater

B, ground source heat pump drilling construction price

The ground source heat pump Well drilling construction is a systematic project, and the factors affecting the construction price are mainly geological conditions, depth of drilling, construction period, construction site and other related factors.

The hardness of rock has great influence on the price of drilling, and the hardness of each kind of rock has hierarchy, and the same kind of rock has a great difference in different depths.

If you want to know the most reasonable price, but also need to have relevant geological reports, if not, you need to hit the test well to determine the geological situation.

C, dewatering well construction price

The dewatering well is necessary in the construction engineering, which affects the construction price of the dewatering well, such as geological condition, quantity of water wells and construction period.

There are many kinds of water wells, the longer the construction period of the dewatering well, the better the materials used in construction and the final price of the construction materials.

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