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Cleaning Solution Suitable For Solar Piling Machine

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Using the most extensive solution of alkaline solution, alkali or alkaline brine, and using emulsifier to remove oil by emulsification of non saponification oil, in the alkali solution doped with emulsifier, can reduce the surface tension and adhesion of oil film, so that the oil film broken into a very small oil droplets, out of the metal surface, to achieve the purpose of oil pollution, commonly used emulsifier has a soap, bone glue, Gum, triethanolamine, synthetic detergent, etc. but note that according to the piling machine parts materials different selection of cleaning fluid, because alkaline solution to the metal has a certain corrosive effect, so in alkaline solution to clean the solar piling machine parts, the solution should be heated to 80~90℃ around, remove oil and then wash with hot water, Remove the residual lye from the surface and prevent the parts from being corroded.

and a water solution prepared from a chemically synthesized water-based metal cleaner, chemical cleaning liquid has a strong decontamination capacity, chemical cleaning liquid and some auxiliary agents, can increase the chemical cleaning liquid anti-corrosion, anti-rust, to accumulate carbon and other capabilities, the use of chemical cleaning liquid to first wet the piling machine parts surface, and then into the dirt and parts contact interface, The dirt is separated from the surface of the part, dissolved in the cleaning liquid, or the surface of the part is composed of emulsion suspending liquid, which achieves the purpose of cleaning the parts.

The last one is organic solvents, common with fire oil, light diesel oil, gasoline, alcohol and so on, with organic solvents dissolved oil, can dissolve a variety of grease, and organic solvents do not need to be heated, easy to use, and no damage to metal, cleaning effect, but the organic solvents are mostly flammable, high cost, Suitable for precision parts or the use of hot alkali solution cleaning parts, such as plastic, nylon, cowhide and other piling machine parts, but also pay attention to rubber material parts can not be cleaned with organic solvents.

Only with the right cleaning fluid, can the better cleaning and protection of the solar piling machine and parts, to ensure that the piling function reliable work.

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