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An Overview Of Underground Tunnel Drilling

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Many metallic and rare metal deposits have complicated morphological and structural changes in ore bodies, and to obtain more than C-level reserves, it is necessary to combine surface drilling with underground tunnel drilling to get there. Drilling in underground tunnels is a drill that drills holes in different angles in a small underground tunnel with a dedicated rig. Compared with the surface drilling, tunnel drilling is a full range of small-caliber shallow holes.

We know that surface drilling due to the topography of the ore body conditions, and so on, often through a thick layer of cover to control the orebody. The construction speed of the ore-controlling orebody is high. Therefore, the tunnel drilling is paid more and more attention.

With the development of drilling machine design and manufacturing, some special-purpose new hydraulic tunnels have come into being. They have the characteristics of small volume, light automatization and high non tower lifting long stroke, overcoming the shortcomings of the past that the surface drilling rig should be dug into the tunnel construction, which occupies the complex of large bulky operation of the site.

In recent years, tunnel drilling has developed rapidly, and has been widely used in the field of mine development service and other engineering fields.

(1) In the prospecting and exploration of the mineral deposits, especially nonferrous metals, etc., the tunnel drilling is used to recover the deposit, to locate the orebody and to sample and verify the geological structure of the exploration and prospecting.

(2) In the mining development, common tunnel drilling technology to drill underground observation hole ventilation hole drainage Convas vent hole injection syrup hole blasting hole anchor hole and tunnel excavation pilot hole.

(3) In other geotechnical engineering construction fields, the equipment and technology of tunnel drilling can be used to support the deep foundation pit of the slope reinforcement of the dam Foundation, and the underground engineering construction of the industrial commercial traffic and military.

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