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The piston air compressor operation should pay attention to

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Piston Air compressor operators must focus on the operation of the machine, often conduct itinerant inspection, found fault, timely exclusion. And make necessary adjustments according to instrument instructions and work requirements. In general, attention should be paid to the following issues:

1. Lubrication: According to the pressure gauge on the tubing of the circulating lubrication system and the temperature indication of the main bearing and movement part of the air compressor, we should pay attention to the oil supply of gear pump, pay attention to the oil level of the crankcase of the air compressor, pay attention to the oil level in the bearing of oil ring lubrication and the normal turning of oil ring; note the oil storage and oil drop of oil injector Pay attention to the temperature of lubricating oil in each part of the system.

2, cooling should pay attention to all levels of cooling water discharge and temperature.

3, temperature, pressure instructions should pay attention to the compressed air at each level after the temperature should not exceed 160 ℃; Note that after the intermediate cooler, the suction temperature is not higher than the first stage inhaled air temperature should be 10 ℃. Pay attention to the correct distribution of pressure in each compression section Pay attention to check whether the temperature indication of the friction parts of the compressor is normal.

4, the motor should be at any time through the ammeter, voltmeter, observe whether the work of the motor is normal.

5, other aspects should pay attention to the connection parts, fastening parts (screws, etc.) are safe and reliable, should not be loose; Pay attention to the work of the transmission mechanism, listen to whether there is a different sound; for small air separation equipment in the air compressor also pay attention to the timely discharge of oil and water.

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