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Principle of high pressure compressor

- Aug 30, 2017 -

High-pressure compressor mainly by the compressor host, drive (motor), class cooler, compressed air separation, purification and other treatment devices, as well as pressure display, control and safety devices.

When the driver is working through the V Drive compressor, the air of Free State is sucked into the first-level cylinder by the inlet filter, compressed to a certain pressure and discharged into the secondary cooler and separator.

After cooling and hydrocarbon separation into the two-level cylinder, is further compressed to higher pressure and discharged to the three cooler and separator, cooling and filtering to compress the air of oil and condensate,

Then into the three-level cylinder compression to the final required pressure, then enter the separator filter to further remove the compressed air of oil, condensate and oil vapor, thereby obtaining cooling, clean and tasteless high-pressure air filled into the qualified high-pressure cylinder to provide the use.

The oil and condensate which are separated and filtered from the separator at all levels are discharged periodically out of the machine or collected in a dirt tank through the blowdown valve.

In the compressor work flow also has the pressure display, the control and the Overpressure protection installment.

Compression Host principle

Compressor host system Three-level compression, V-type structure, by the crankcase, crankshaft, connecting rod, piston, cylinder and valve and other basic components. The Crank box is cast by aluminum alloy, the crank is the single turn structure, the connecting rod system is integral type, and the piston structure is the differential type,

One level two is integral, grade three is combined, and the first and grade two pistons are fitted with piston rings, three-level piston on the piston ring, and the cylinder between the use of Labyrinth Groove seal, the first level of two-level cylinder and a three-level cylinder are integrated, the use of high-quality cast iron casting, external casting of heat sinks, valve system annular valve structure.

The compressor host is driven by the motor through the V, and the main belt pulley is equipped with a high wind cooling fan, which is forced to cool the appearance of the compressor and the heating parts.

The compressor uses the splash lubrication, it by means of the Polish needle which installs in the connecting rod big end, in the crankshaft rotates the engine to splash the oil droplets, the oil mist caused by the oil surface in the crankshaft box, causes each friction machine to obtain the full lubrication. Different grades of lubricating oil can not be mixed.

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