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Main role of oil injection in screw compressor

- Aug 30, 2017 -

1, the cooling effect: The injected oil is a micro-droplet, mixed with compressed gas, greatly heat exchanger surface absorbs the compressed heat of the gas rapidly, cooling the compressed medium, greatly reducing the exhaust temperature.

2, lubrication: in dry screw compressor, the two rotors do not contact each other, relying on high-precision synchronization gear to maintain clearance. In the fuel injection compressor, because there is a large number of oil, and the yin rotor only absorb a small part of the total compression power consumption, so that the synchronization gear can be omitted, so that the yang rotor directly drive the yin rotor. In addition, because the injected oil with the bearings used in the same lubricant, so no longer need to use a complex sealing device to separate the gas from the lubricating oil, which makes the rotor support bearings between the distance can be smaller, significantly improve the stiffness of the rotor, reduce the deformation.

3, Sealing effect: in the screw compressor inside a number of leakage channels, these leakage channels are some narrow gap, the presence of oil greatly enhanced the sealing effect, so that through their leakage volume greatly reduced.

4, noise reduction effect: The injected oil is viscous fluid, the sound energy and sound waves have absorption and damping effect, the general fuel injection noise can reduce the $number db.

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