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Main equipment for tunnel drilling

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Tunnel drilling equipment mainly including drilling rigs and pumps, including the same pump and surface, often used to reciprocating pumps, but drilling rigs and surface drilling compared with the following special requirements: Drilling rig by the host, the console, the engine group and the four major components of the fuel tank, each other with a hose connection.

When drilling up the hole, you must dig shallow pits on the floor of the tunnel, when lifting operations, to the shallow pits into the faucet and vertical shaft drill pipe.

In order to reduce noise and improve production efficiency, drilling pumps are often installed in a small chamber.

The equipment layout scheme of deep hole and shallow hole is different:

Equipment arrangement when drilling into shallow hole:

Tunnel and equipment between the channel should be on the side, the left side of the rig and the end of the head should be left 0.7 meters, the operator on the side should be left 1.8 meters. The abutment is fixed in the tunnel with 4 support columns, and the pillar is in contact with the roof of the tunnel with hardwood mats. In the horizontal hole and inclined hole, in order to protect the active drill pipe, the diameter of the 127mm casing can be made into a special protection slot, the groove front-end welding has two legs, its height adjustable, the back end fixed in the upright column, the lifting work can be easily moved to one side.

Equipment arrangement when drilling deep hole:

1, special tunnel drilling rig installation

Tunnel special drilling rig need to cut the size of the chamber, the specific size of the chamber specifications such as table, some small equipment also directly in the tunnel drilling.

The rig relies on two pillars to support the rig, the distance between the front pillar and the hole is calculated first, and then installed in turn, the upper and lower ends of the pillar are padded with Hms or sleepers, and the bottom is fixed with cement.

The rig is telescopic legs, the rig to support the position on the rock wall, can also be used with the rig site. The chuck on the front of the rig has an anchor rod, which can be fixed with the pores drilled in the rock wall and fixed with cement. Another two screws can be fixed on the surface of the palm, forming a stable structure of two top-pull, avoiding the swing of the drilling rig. This kind of fixed way does not have the prop, therefore is not limited by the tunnel space, the rig directly fixed on the palm surface.

Horizontal hole, up and down space-time drilling conditions and the vertical hole is very different, the bit at the end of the drill is almost no rock powder layer or very few, the rock powder quickly from the lip surface of the bit, so diamond drill the small body wear less. Some researchers have suggested that the drilling efficiency of upper-inverted diamond in low and medium grinding rocks depends on the amount of flushing fluid, and the relationship between the velocity of the bit circumference and the volume of the unit flushing fluid is obtained:

Upturned hole: q=0 6V; Oblique hole q=1.56V

In the formula: Q bit On the end of each square centimeter flushing volume, L. c㎡v-Bit Park weekly line speed, M/s.

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