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Installation steps and requirements for engineering rigs

- Aug 30, 2017 -

1. Mounting base:

The left and right front base on the basis of the position of the drawing line, so that the left and right front base of the well eye sign with the center line alignment.

2. Install the turntable drive device:

Turntable drive device in the factory before the matching installation is already looking for, on-site installation, just check the turntable beam ear plate hole, the base of the corresponding connection hole and the connection pin shaft and other surface is clean. When it is confirmed that there is no unsafe factor, the turntable drive unit is hoisted into the installation position, inserting 8 connecting pins, and inserting the pin shaft should be paid attention to the outside of the wellhead to the wellhead center, and the pin locking pin shaft respectively.

3. Installation of Engineering Rig Winch:

Winch in the factory before the installation of the matching has been found, and in the rig base corresponding to the position of welding with a positioning block. When the winch is hoisted to the winch girder of the base on the spot installation, the winch base and the rig base are fixed with the fastening Bolt m36*120 after locating the positioning block.

4. Installation of construction rig Guide and blowout preventer Moving position:

The concrete installation step sees the engineering rig base use instruction.

5. Install Derrick:

Install according to Derrick Specification (note: Casing, quick rope, and then install after Derrick Erection).

6. Install the crane:

First, the crane is hoisted to the top of the derrick, so that the dowel pin on the top of the derrick is inserted into the locating pin hole on the frame and then connected with the M30 bolt. Crane accessories, such as auxiliary pulley, truss-type lifting rack should be fully installed.

7. Install the car, hook, put on the hoisting of large ropes, cranes and cruise the engineering drilling rope (wear rope to wear), and hang up the tripod.

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