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Deep drilling design of pit

- Aug 30, 2017 -

1. Design basis and purpose

The deep ore-prospecting design is based on the characteristic of the known ore body extending to the deep part, in order to carry out the principle of ore prospecting. Objective to enlarge the known results, to find the blind orebody, to obtain the basic reserves and to provide the design basis for the deep development of mine.

2, deep prospecting and prospecting work, mainly arranged in the middle plane of the design of the piercing tunnel, the borehole azimuth and dip angle design is based on the shape of the ore body, the production of the shape. Therefore, the layout is arranged in each penetrating tunnel, and the drill chamber is disposed, and the ore body is controlled by a fan hole. Generally to wear the main bearing seam (belt) prevail.

3, the construction of drilling technology requirements

(1) The rate of cores coring must be >65%, and the rate of the rock (3-5 m) of the seam and the top floor of the seam must be >80%.

(2) deep hole design hole depth of 300 meters, drilling direction, and borehole tilt, within 0-300 meters to allow azimuth angle does not exceed the 2 degree of design orientation, drilling angle allows drift in 2 degrees, drilling see the center of the mine to allow the displacement of the exploration line from 1/4.

(3) Borehole azimuth r inclination to determine the oblique hole, every 50 meters inclinometer azimuth, straight hole 100 meters inclinometer, instrument ZJL-42 Compass Instrument, in the same hole deep position, two instrument azimuth difference must not exceed 4 degrees, dip difference should not exceed 2 degrees. Take the average, exceed the error, and measure again until the requirements are met.

(4) Depth verification, stipulating that every 100 meters or see ore location for hole depth correction, error size in accordance with the 1/1000 standard execution, more than the correction, not exceeding the correct.

(5) Strict implementation of core drilling procedures

(6) Make a simple hydrogeological work record, record the location of leaking and gushing water, and meet the location of Karst cave during drilling.

4. Safety and security measures in pit drilling

(1) The Drill Room Specification 2x2 meter (wide height) where the penetrating tunnel is used for deep drilling. Along the layer, through the veins must be sprayed anchor support, through the vein tunnel slope angle is 3, and has the drainage facility, the prospecting roadway is 200 meters of piercing, must guarantee the Feng Shui electric facilities complete, in the design prospecting tunnel, simultaneously considers the branch design ventilation measure well, in order to guarantee the ventilation unimpeded.

(2) Construction drilling tunnel, security personnel timely inspection, found that the collapse of the tunnel, fall, block serious and ventilation is not smooth, hypoxia, breathing, must immediately stop the construction, evacuation personnel, to prevent accidents.

(3) The borehole is determined on the surface and must take into account the possibility of technical construction, requiring a smooth hole level (avoiding cliffs, ponds and areas prone to flash flood waterfalls and debris flows.)

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