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Classification of engineering rigs

- Aug 30, 2017 -

1: Impact drilling rig by the vertical reciprocating movement, so that the drill bit impact the bottom hole to break the rock strata. Its structure is simple, does not have the circulation to wash the well system, the cuttings clearance and the drill rig cannot carry on simultaneously, thus the effect is lower

2: Rotary rig relies on the rotary movement of the drill to break the rock strata and hole

3: Hybrid drilling rig has 2 kinds: one is to combine the impact and the rotary effect into the well drilling rig, such as the wind-driven DTH hammer rig.

DTH Hammer Drill is composed of cylinder sleeve and piston. The air compressor provides high pressure air to push the piston up and down reciprocating movement, impact bit to enhance the drill bit drilling ability. At the same time, the drilling tool is rotary motion with a lower rotational speed of 35~60 rpm/min. The air discharged from the upper and lower cavities of the piston enters the drill bit and takes the bottom cuttings out of the wellhead. Wind-driven DTH drilling rig can be used in hard rock deep well drilling, drilling speed is high, drilling hole is straight.

The other is to add the impact mechanism on the basis of turntable rotary drilling rig, which is mainly used in rotary drilling, and it is adaptable to various strata when encountering Pebble layer with dual-purpose well drilling rig.

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