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Brief introduction of Piston compressor

- Aug 30, 2017 -

The classification, model representation, structure characteristics and working principle of piston air compressor are described as follows:

Piston Air compressor generally based on exhaust pressure, exhaust volume (volume flow), structural type and structural characteristics of classification.

1. According to the exhaust pressure is divided into:

Low-pressure air compressor exhaust pressure ≤1.0MPa

Medium pressure Air compressor 1.0mpa< Exhaust Pressure ≤10mpa

High pressure air compressor 10mpa< exhaust pressure ≤100mpa

2. The size of the discharge is divided into:

Small air Compressor 1m3/min< Exhaust Volume ≤10m3/min

Medium Air Compressor 10m3/min< Exhaust Volume ≤100m3/min

Large air compressor exhaust capacity >100m3/min

Air compressor exhaust capacity refers to the inhalation state free gas flow.

General provisions: shaft <15kw, exhaust pressure ≤1.4MPa is a miniature air compressor.

3. According to the Central line of the cylinder and the ground relative position is divided into:

Vertical Air Compressor-cylinder center line and the ground vertical layout.

Angle type air compressor-cylinder center line and the ground into a certain angle (V-type, W-type, L-type, etc.).

Horizontal air Compressor-the central line of the cylinder is parallel to the ground and the cylinder is arranged on the crankshaft side.

For dynamic balance type air Compressor-the center line of the cylinder is parallel to the ground and the cylinder is symmetrically arranged on both sides of the crankshaft.

4, according to structural characteristics:

Single acting-the gas is compressed only on the piston side.

Double acting-the gas is compressed on both sides of the piston.

Water-cooled-refers to the cylinder with cooling water jacket, through water cooling.

Air-Cooled type-the outer surface of the cylinder is cast with heat sink, air cooled.

Fixed-air compressor units are fixed on the foundation.

The movable-air compressor unit is positioned on the mobile device for easy removal.

Oil lubrication-refers to the cylinder oil lubrication, motor mechanism lubricating oil cycling.

Oil-free lubrication-refers to the cylinder does not inject oil lubrication, piston and cylinder for dry operation, but the transmission mechanism by lubricating oil cycling.

All oil-free lubrication-cylinder in the transmission mechanism is no oil lubrication.

In addition, there is a crosshead (small and medium oil-free compressor), no Crosshead (V, W-type low-pressure micro air compressor); single level compression, two level or multistage compression

Dew point temperature:. Keep the moisture content in the air unchanged, and reduce the temperature, when the water vapor due to the temperature of the saturation, that is, dew point temperature. Dew point temperature can also be used to indicate the amount of water vapor content, the higher the dew point temperature, the more water vapor content in the air.

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