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Air Compressors Classification

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Air compressors are divided into: 

A, speed type;

B, Volumetric type; 

The volume type is divided into rotary type and reciprocating type;

1, Rotary Type: (1) rotor type, (2) screw type, (3) slide type.

2, Reciprocating: (1) piston type; (2) membrane type.

Air compressors According to the principle of work can be divided into speed and volume type of two categories.

A, the speed type: is depends on the gas in the high speed rotating impeller's function, obtains the larger kinetic energy, subsequently in the expansion pressure device The rapid deceleration, causes the gas kinetic energy to turn into the potential energy, thus enhances the gas pressure. The speed type is mainly centrifugal and axial flow two basic types.

B, Volumetric type: is through the direct compression of gas, so that the gas volume to reduce the gas pressure to achieve the purpose, the volume of the piston according to the characteristics of the cylinder is divided into two types of rotary and reciprocating. The air compressor prepared by the oxygen cabin mostly adopts the volumetric type.

1, Rotary: Piston for rotary movement, the piston is also known as GAN, the number of rotors, cylinder shape varies. Rotary type includes rotor type, screw type, slide type and so on.

2, reciprocating: Reciprocating movement of pistons, cylinders are cylindrical.

Reciprocating includes two types of piston and membrane, of which the piston type is the most widely used one. Most of the air compressors used in the oxygen cabin are piston-type.

Simply said air compressor is divided into three kinds, piston-type, slide-type, screw-type. Also divided into air-cooled, water-cooled, oil-free. Most of the factories are using both screw and piston type.

The piston-type working principle is converted into upper and lower potential energy by swinging the crankshaft around.

Screw machine is through two of rotor suction, do not change potential energy, so the service life is longer. Work more efficiently.

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